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CRUSHING NOTES ENTERTAINMENT is proud to announce the signing of Cuban Black Metal band BLACKULTBLACKULT is one of just a few Black Metal bands to come out of Cuba recently, following in the footsteps of NARBELETH and will also feature a cover of NARBELETH's 'In Desolated Landscape'. BLACKULT's creative style is reminiscent of traditional Black Metal. 
 One of the unique qualities of Blackult is it's a two piece band, consisting of Necromancer (guitars/vocals) and Nebulah (bass/drums). BLACKULT's debut album "Our Kind" is scheduled to be released on September 18th

Crushing Notes Entertainment is currently accepting song submissions for "Tyrants Of Armageddon" Vol 3 and Vol 4. Songs must be of Un-Released material and follow the genre criteria (Death, Black, Thrash, or Extreme) from previous released albums of the series.  Contact CNE at for more info. 
HAILS!!! We are proud to post the official announcement for Rich Davis forthcoming release "Not Dead Yet", due in October on Crushing Notes Entertainment. This is a special DVD/CD dual disc release. Throughout this past year CNE has been releasing singles from Rich Davis that will finally culminate into this DVD/CD package. All singles that have been released digitally include accompanying music videos that will be available on the DVD. 

The physical copies of "Not Dead Yet" will be made available to many prime retail outlets around the world as well as on, iTunes and other online stores October 1st.
 Keep posted to CNE Facebook page for updates on special offers of "Not Dead Yet", including signed copies by Rich Davis.