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 Crushing Metal Radio 24/7 Metal 
    Crushing Metal Radio launched at 11:59 pm pst September 30th 2016. The online radio station features songs from CNE roster artists, the classics and puts the spotlight on new bands that are making a huge impact in the Metal world. CMR will feature weekly genre related shows and live hosted shows geared around everything Heavy Fkn Metal! If you think you have what it takes to host your own show on CMR, drop us a line at with an mp3 demo of you "doing your thing" 
             Sue's Idol "SIX SICK SENSES"  
"Six Sick Senses" a whirlwind of Metal Church meets Sanctuary Metallicisms forged by a 30 year metal bond of industry pros who took matters in their own hands. Memorable choruses, thought provoking lyrics, riffage of the highest order. A Menza styled drum attack combined with searing guitar solos from a Shrapnel Records guest make this the traditional heavy metal album of 2016. Get sick with Six, Sick Senses today! (Digipak) FREE USA SHIPPING
Toby Knapp " The Architect Of Paradox" ON SALE NOW!!
Crushing Notes Entertainment presents "Tyrants of Armageddon Vol 1" ON SALE NOW !! 
 Tyrants Of Armageddon Vol.1 released on 03/30/2017.The album series features some of the best underground unsigned and signed Thrash/ Death Metal bands around the world. ​Bands featured are, FABULOUS DESASTER-Germany, AFFLIKTOR-USA, TOXIK WALTZ-Spain, SOUL COLLECTOR-Poland, ACRANIA-Mexico, TOXIC RUIN-USA, FUSION BOMB-Luxembourg, INFRARED-Canada, CRIMSON SLAUGHTER-Spain and VORBID-Norway. 
"Tyrants of Armageddon Vol 2" scheduled for a late November 2017 release.