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Crushing Notes Entertainment "Tyrants of Armageddon Vol 1" ON SALE NOW !! 
 Tyrants Of Armageddon Vol.1 Bands featured ,FABULOUS  DESASTER-Germany,  AFFLIKTOR-USA, TOXIK   WALTZ-Spain, SOUL COLLECTOR-Poland, ACRANIA-Mexico, TOXIC RUIN-USA, FUSION BOMB-Luxembourg,  INFRARED-Canada, CRIMSON SLAUGHTER-Spain and VORBID-Norway.  
"Tyrants of Armageddon Vol 2" ON SALE NOW !!
Crushing Notes Entertainment Presents "Tyrants Of Armageddon - Vol. 2". 

 1) RICH DAVIS - (USA) "Tyrants of Armageddon"
 2) THE NOMAD  - (RUS) "Victim of the Evolution"
 3) MORTUARY - (FRA) "Morbid Existence"
 4) SATARIAL - (RUS) "Horned God"
 5) PAGANDOM - (SWE) "Catapults and Trapdoors"
 6) GRINDPAD - (NLD) "Sharkbite!"
 7) BLACKULT  - (CUB) "Black Metal Army"
 8) ORACLE  - (USA) "On The Wings of a Martyr"
 9) BLOODFIELD  - ITA) "Greed"

CRUSHING NOTES ENTERTAINMENT is proud to announce the signing of Cuban Black Metal band BLACKULTBLACKULT is one of just a few Black Metal bands to come out of Cuba recently, following in the footsteps of NARBELETHBLACKULT's creative style is reminiscent of traditional Black Metal. One of the unique qualities of BLACKULT is it's a two piece band, consisting of Necromancer (guitars/vocals) and Nebulah (bass/drums). BLACKULT's debut EP "Our Kind" will be released early 2018 and features a cover of NARBELETH's 'In Desolated Landscape'.
 Crushing Notes Entertainment is proud to announce the signing of longtime guitarist/songwriter/artist RICH DAVISRICH DAVIS has been in the metal music business since the late 1980's. He started his career with the progressive power metal band MYSTIC FORCE who released their first full length album "Eternal Quest" in 1993 and most recently was a part of the technical progressive metal outfit SHIFT.

 Crushing Notes Entertainment have secured digital release rights to upcoming singles from RICH DAVIS in the upcoming year, which is expected to culminate into a full length album later in 2018. Plus, official music videos are to be released to accompany each brand new single. Crushing Notes Entertainment has also secured distribution rights to his previously released CD/DVD entitled "The Awakening", which consists of seventeen blistering tracks as well as six videos on the DVD. The album is currently available through iTunes, Amazon and just recently made available at 

 Crushing Notes Entertainment welcome RICH DAVIS 
 Crushing Notes Entertainment welcome BLACKULT